Dungeon Finder Loses Sight of DPS

As an experienced healer and an up and coming, ok aspiring, ok wannabe tank, I absolutely adore the new Dungeon Finder tool. If you had previously left the world of Azeroth due to boredoom and are not yet aware of this new mechanic introduced as part of the 3.3 patch, then suffice it to say that this amazing addition to the game has single handedly revived and refreshed the desire of millions of characters to revist old 5 man haunts.

However not all is well within the DPS community. My Warlock like many other DPS classes, has been shelved indefinitely and may not see the light of day anytime soon due in large part to the one weakness exposed by this new tool. You see the dungeon finder is great for healers and tanks who are now (and always have been) in high demand as you can literally join a random dungeon with a queue time of less than 10 seconds! However while for all intents and purposes healers and tanks have instant queues, DPS classes are left to wait… and wait; sometimes for 20-30 minutes depending upon your server.

But before I shelved my undead Warlock Livevil, I took part in a little informal experiment. Monday night, January 4, I logged into my 80 decently geared lock at 7pm server time and queued up with the dungeon finder tool. I did so with the expressed intent to run as many instances as I could in a 4 hour time period.


I ran three instances in that time period and the third did not pop for me until 9:50pm, which I finished at 11:30pm. I should also note that this waiting included a nice little 40 minute respite for the third and final run.

Not encouraging indeed!

Tuesday night, January 5, I proceeded with the same experiment, this time using my Resto Druid, Deadwood. Same rules, 7-11pm server time. Outcome?

Six… Seven?

I finished my 6th run at 10:35pm and went to bed knowing the 7th would have popped again immediately, allowing me to complete my run in about the same time as my Warlocks 3rd. To make matters worse (or better depending upon your class), at no time did I wait longer than 10 minutes and that was just one time, the remaining 5 runs all had my queued time at less than 3-5 minutes.  Hell I had a hard time repairing and restocking before the next pop! Nice problem to have indeed.

All indications are that Tanks wait even less, which begs two questions; if people are shelving their DPS characters then why are the queues still so high and what else can be done about it? The answer to the first is easy, while many people are indeed placing their DPS classes on the back burner and playing tanks and healers, not enough of them are and a not insignificant portion of those may not be leveled or geared yet to offset the heavy amounts of DPSers that are in the queue.

As for the second question of what can be done about it, I believe some relief will come when all these undergeared and/or underleveled healers and tanks (previous alts or rerolls in many cases) finally reach “end game”.

Take heart lifelong DPSers, it will get better. Make no mistake, many people have permanently become tanks and healers because of this tool, but seeing the ripple effect will take another month or so.

Is there anything Blizzard can do to mitigate this deficiency? /shrug… you tell me, I welcome your comments.

3 Responses to “Dungeon Finder Loses Sight of DPS”

  1. Some people would go far to be in a popular list. It seems that for them game mechanic dictates what kind of role to play. Perhaps Blizzard wanted to increase a number of tanks/healers, or perhaps they wanted to ease up a group assembly. Even lvl 80s had troubles finding a DPS spot in Heroics before the tool arrived, and it required constant nagging, begging and frustration. On average, it takes less time to find a group for DPS on any lvl, so the change is for the good.

  2. jake nuro Says:

    There are less than 10 percent of the total server population playing priests on a daily basis. Wow should have a hate meter installed in the game by default, would go a long way for new players to understand what not to do.

  3. Different things Blizzard could do:

    1) Design Cataclysm dungeons to revolve around 1 tank, 1 healer and 3+x DPS. That’s right, increase the group size by x but make the content revolve around 1 tank and 1 healer.

    2) Look into giving tank/heal offspecs to pure dps classes so that there is no such thing as a pure dps class anymore: i.e. (Combar Rogues become evasion tanks, Mages get a glyph that makes arcane spells heal when cast on players, Make pets able to tank (beast hunters and demon warlocks), give a glyph to warlocks that lets them cast funnel health (or whatever their pet heal ability is) to players.

    Note that although I realize option 2 will never happen, it could be designed in such a way that these classes can fill these roles in dungeons only but not well enough for raids.

    3) Do absolutely nothing and hope the problem solves itself naturally by attrition of DPS classes rerolling to tanks or healers or quitting.

    This is the most likely scenario.

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