Cameron a Warcraft Fan? Nah…

So I finally went out and watched Avatar which I found to be a decent movie, if a little overhyped. The effects were very good, the story above average, the production polished. But what immediately struck me more than anything else, was how much the Na’vi looked like the Draenei race in our beloved World of Warcraft.

Could it be? James Cameron a WoW fan? Well no. Considering the script was written in 1994 among other differences such as the “space goats” having arrived via a space ship while the Na’vi are about as close to Conan in terms of a love of technology. I might also add that the Draenei look fat when compared to the sleek blue-skins in Avatar, but then again I do not much care for the Alliance (duck) so I am admittedly a wee bit biased.

No there is no correlation but the similarities are interesting. Heck maybe Cameron can be found roaming Northrend when he is not scouring the oceans floor and if he is is most certainly an Alliance Draenei.

One Response to “Cameron a Warcraft Fan? Nah…”

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