Trekkie for Life or Just a Sucker?

So I just learned that Cryptic Studios will be offering a lifetime subscription to its upcoming Star Trek Online game (STO) for the sizzling pre-order price of $239.99. Sounds like quite the deal! Now to be perfectly clear I am not even close to being a Star Trek fan. I cannot name any episodes, have not seen all the movies even once and have not memorized the Enterprise designation (I know its NCC something or other right)?

So why am I blogging about the game? Well I am a sucker for a lifetime subscription to just about any MMO despite the hard math that says it is a win for the developer and most generally not the player. Case in point, Champions Online. Now I am about as much of a comic fan as I am a Trekkie, which is to say I have not read a comic since I was 8. However I do love a good character generation tool and this CO has a character creation system rivaled by none. Seriously it is almost a game in and of itself.

So despite my lack of interest in comics, I went out and bought the game about 30 days after launch. Still that did not stop me from dropping $40 for the game and another $50 or so on character slots and costume pieces… oh yeah and I stopped playing after one month (although I stayed subbed and paying for 3 without a single login). Yet in the beginning I searched high and low for a way to buy a lifetime sub after the offer expired.

Lucky for me my search was in fruitless!

But now I am tempted again. The STO gameplay and character creation I have seen does look very good and I keep thinking it will be a nice diversion from Warcraft a few days a week. The kid side in me says “hey I pay for the sub with just one year’s worth of monthly charges! Heck I have already spent $3,960 on wow in 5+ years!” (yes thats right four grand, 4 subs, $15 a pop, 66 months… sigh).

But the adult side in me says “Hey Genius; Remember Hellgate?” (yes proud owner of a hellgate lifetime sub).

So surely after the preponderance of evidence listed above, I would certainly not succumb to such a temptation as to buy an STO lifetime sub as a non Trekkie?

Of course I will… my wife says I get to make two bad financial decisions every year; my online games and my fantasy sports teams.

Beam me (or my wallet) up Crytpic!

2 Responses to “Trekkie for Life or Just a Sucker?”

  1. Go with Guild Wars life-time subscription, you can’t go wrong with them – it’s FREE!

  2. Super Blog, Dude! I am constantly on the watch for new and interesting sites and postings about speaker systems… which is what led me here. I certainly plan on visiting again! See Ya

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