Yankees Are Indeed Rude!

Last night I did not get the opportunity to log into Warcraft due to getting home late and just flat out being tired. However going to bed early prompted me to also wake up at 4am. Knowing that I do not leave my house until 6am for my commute, I decided that perhaps I could complete the daily random dungeon quest on 1 or perhaps even 2 of my level 80s.

Upon login I start thinking to myself that perhaps the “pops” wont be very good due to the early nature of my play time. Lucky for me I was playing my Discipline Priest so I was in a dungeon in 5 minutes flat.

We had just completed the first boss in Gundrak when I noticed the party chat full of the word “mate”. Then realizing how it would make sense that most Americans were in bed, I asked my chatty party members if they were “euro”, to which they responded “Aussie” and that it was 7pm their time (5am mine).

By the time we finished the last boss, I had “connected” with this group of “aussies” (4 from 3 different servers mind you) more than I had connected with any pug before, so much so that I had wished they were on my server. These guys were genuinely friendly, good natured and polite (even in spite of my dingo eating babies ha-ha).

In truth, I genuinely felt sad that I may never run with these fine mates again! Their great attitudes made the run quick and enjoyable.

It was at that time I realized that Americans (myself included) tend to be very rude and impatient with strangers/pugs. Now do not get me wrong, in a guild situation with good friends and raid groups we “Yanks” can be the nicest people in the game but many Americans come with a low tolerance for most anything and are quick to berate others for any shortcoming.

Indeed this experience has inspired me to try and be nicer to pugs.

Glancing at the clock, I see that I could squeeze in one more run. So I hop on my resto druid and pop right into Forge of Souls… complete with a naked Orc dancing and telling me “yo kid, I gots no armor, but will seduce the boss with my slammin abs fo so” as he charges headlong into the mobs Jenkins style.


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