Took the Night Off – Go Jayhawks!

For the first time in about 30 days I did not log into WoW, choosing instead to watch my Kansas Jayhawks thump the Missouri Tigers! I did however go ahead and pre-order my copy of Star Trek Online and am now awaiting my BETA key to be emailed. This in turn will tell me very quickly if I go ahead with my plans to purchase a lifetime subscription (stop calling me a sucker!).

Phasers set to stun! Standby.

2 Responses to “Took the Night Off – Go Jayhawks!”

  1. Life-time subscription is a very big commitment. for a product you know nothing about. The setting is well known, but will Mythic be able to recreate it appropriately to keep your interest for the years to come? Look at their gaming streak, which are good MMOs made by them are actually good, well supported and content rich?

    If Blizzard offered a life-time subscription, that would be another matter. Good luck on your frontier explorations, may Sargeras never find you in the outer space.

  2. correction: Cryptic, not Mythic

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