Purple Fever Brings Out the Worst in People

It is somehow fitting after posting a week or so ago that I had found some new, albeit brief, “Aussie” friends in a random PUG, that this good experience would be followed up by one of the worst behavior scenarios I have witnessed in some time (well at least since the Ragnaros Hammer incident from 2004, but that is a story for another time).

Let me frame it for you. I get placed into a random PUG for my daily and off we go, wisked away to POS (how fitting for this encounter). Now hindsight being what it is, I should have known this was gonna be a drama fest. Our group consisted of a warrior tank, myself as a resto druid healing, and 3 DPS consisting of a DK, Shaman and Mage. Everyone is at least decently geared and the run looks promising. However, when the Shaman asks for a mage table, he is met with the following, “no, tables are not free and I do not know you”. A portend of things to come indeed.In any event, I had a stack of 38 rolls left so I just hand the shaman 18 and said lets get this over with. But oh how the drama was just getting warmed up.

During trash pulls, the mage proceeds to post his recount after nearly every fight, but only when he is ahead, this is of course followed by often by a /yell or /p of “ya kid!, you can’t fade me!” I mean, who even talks like that any more other than Kevin Federline? Still we proceeded. Clearing was no problem, so despite some lawls and /roll eyes we moved on… that is until we got to the final trash before ick and krick, when the battered hilt dropped. Yes indeed fate would have some fun with us today. The battered hilt, on this run. After 30+ relatively tame runs with good people, this run.

It was at this time that the Warrior tank who was quiet and doing a good job, GREEDS on the item! He then immediately says that this was an accident and asks if everyone would greed also. Let no one say that Fate is not without humour. Given that this was a clear mistake, I saw no problem in everyone greeding but immediately his control of the situation was lost.

So I waited…

Having seen one too many groups where 4 people greed a frozen orb only to have the 5th need and ninja, I was wary. So everyone agrees to greed, even the mage who not only agrees but says “ya it wuz a mistake so every1 greed for him”.

And I wait…

DK, greeds. Shammy greeds.

And I wait…

Me: Hey <mage name protected>, you gonna greed that like we agreed?

Mage: ARE YOU?!

Me: Yes just waiting on you friend.

Mage: HA! I think your gonna ninja so you greed first.

At this point I (and you) already know what is planned by our mage friend. My hope was to ensure he greeded and then if he did not, have at least a 50% shot at getting it and then rerolling for the remainder of the group.

So what do I do? Counter is running down, under half. I say openly to the rest of the group that I think we have a problem and would the rest of the group like me to need and then if i win we can reroll?

Mage says: <expletive> you buddy! I am on to you!

Shaman says: “Need it, mage is gonna ninja”

Warrior says: “Please just greed”

Mage says: (to shaman) <expletive> you too. I have a 6000GS Rogue who already has the hilt!!!

Shaman says: “Then greed it <mage name witheld> and prove me wrong”

DK says: “I hate pugs, IDC”

So I ask the mage one more time to greed so we can all have a fair shot. To which he says nothing. Even knowing better, I greed… mage needs immediately, say “LOL” and leaves group.


So if you ever pug with a mage from Laughing Skull who talks like he is a Jamie Kennedy wannabe… beware.

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