My 5 Wishes for WoW

I have compiled my 5 wishes for the World of Warcraft. I believe that these changes will universally improve the game as we prepare for Cataclysm. I would love to see your feedback or read about your wish list changes!!

1. Improve PvP/BG Experience Gains – Currently there are only two primary ways to level a character without being at a complete disadvantage. These are using the /lfg at level 15 all the way to 80 and/or questing. Grinding areas and BG/PvP leveling are two alternate methods but these are much more inefficient. BG leveling specifically should be improved significantly. This would provide two major advantages and no real disadvantages that I can see. First, it would greatly increase the number of people playing which would in turn shorten all BG queues. Do you remember the days when there were literally 20-30 AVs going at once? Now you are lucky to find 4-5. Secondly, it would give us another viable method to level a character, which is of course Blizzards primary goal… to keep us in game.

2. Expand Badge System
– The current LFG tool is amazing, most of us will agree, but the badge system in use should be dumped in favor of a complete rewrite. Failing that, the current system should be expanded to invite and encourage players to visit old haunts. For example, I ran a guild Karazhan run for some level 70s and the entirity of our group of 10, all agreed on two things; this raid is really cool (some newer players who came with WotLK had never even seen it… sad) and some kind of triumph bonus should be awarded for doing it. Now before you start yelling that this would then be exploited, here me out. Reward all 70+ players with the normal Justice Badges with the ability to convert them at a rate of 5 or 10 for 1 Triumph. Additionally, award 1 extra Triumph for the entire completion of a 70 raid (BT, KARA, TK, et al). This would not be efficient to farm when you can get 4-8 in a MUCH faster random but would provide some badly needed variety.

3. Old Gear Upgrades –
There is so much amazing art that is simply wasted on gear that no one uses anymore because it is obsolete. How about a quest line + gold sink to upgrade these items to current end game? Making it on par with the Triumph gear (or slightly under) so that it never competes as the “top gear” would keep people the hardcore happy but would also be a welcome change to variety and diversity. I am so so tired of seeing EVERY geared druid (and all other classes for that matter) looking identical at end game!

4. Wardrobe –
In addition to or in lieu of wish # 3 (preferrably in addition) would be the often called for wardrbe feature. I would love for my Warlock to don his season 2 PvP set (arguably the best looking set in the game) but its so gimp now as to be worthless.

5. Class Changes – Probably out of left field and will never happen but since we are wishing. I would like to see druids be able to take the form of many different beasts/nature as opposed to just bear, cat, owl, tree. The druid would take on some of the characteristics of that form (or only cosmetic if difficult) but the main advantage is diversity. I am so tired of looking at my tree and bear, why cant I take the form of a rhino, raptor or a protector tree(porportioned like tamed pets)?

While we are dreaming, how about a necromancer type pet class? Able to summon many but very weak undead? Make the necro especially squishy and without a lot of offensive spells like the Warlock, favoring more defensive spells and enchants to his pets?

So what grand ideas do you people have in your head? Would love to read them!

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