The Biggest WoW Failure

I must preface this post by stating the obvious. WoW is a superior, polished and ever improving game. Blizzard certainly has had the Midas touch. That said Blizzard is not perfect and they have made their share of mistakes in the World… of Warcraft.

What is the one single mechanic or design decision by Blizzard in WoW that wasted resources or failed to make an impact? I have a few in mind, PvP and Arenas (I long for the old school PvP system and titles). But hands down the biggest waste of time and resources in my opinion that should have been used elsewhere is the WoW Voice (VoIP) mechanic. Does anyone even use this feature? I bet some do not know it exists!

Blizzard tried to take over the (in game) VoIP market and effectively remove Ventrilo and Teamspeak from the MMO equation (at least in terms of WoW) but in the end, at least in the small skirmish arena called VoIP, Vent crushed Blizzard and the effort and resources could have better be used on many other features or improvements.

Are you aware of any raid guilds running WoW Voice?

Let me know if you can think of a bigger in game waste of time and/or failed design mechanic!

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