Your One Thing

So lets enter the realm of fantasy. You are a lead developer for Blizzard for one single week and you alone get to make ONE and only ONE change or improvement to the Word of Warcraft… what would it be?

Let me start your creative juices flowing with my one wish:

Create a mechanisim that would automatically take older gear found in classic and BC dungeons and raids and make it BOE . I completely understand why ICC gear cannot be BOE (Bind on Equip as opposed to Bind on Pickup) due to the farming and subsequent economy crash. However being able to go back and farm say Karazhan, Stratholme, Black Temple, Molten Core, BWL, et al for boss gear and then letting that outfit alts and hit the AH would be a great boost to diversity and even the economy.

The gear is obviously not going to be used at end game, so there is not balance issue, but it would liven up those dungeons, add diversity, add to the economy and generally only improve the game. Additionally the same could be said for upgradable classic gear and a battle group wide auction house, but that would be two more improvements and cheating.

So what would you improve?

2 Responses to “Your One Thing”

  1. I think this would be a brilliant move on Blizzard’s part. It would give reason to old school raids and I would love to be able to effectively use the gear on an alt.

    I cannot think of anything specific to improve upon, but I am sure I will follow up with another post 🙂

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