The Game Within the Game

Peggle? Bejeweled? No the best mini game in all of WoW is called Auction House!

I have recently delved into the world of speculation and profiteering in game and I have to admit I am having a blast (and making a mint). Over the course of the next few months I will relay all that I have learned. I do not proclaim to be an expert by any means, but I have learned enough to turn a 2k gold investment into what is now 23k and growing!

So lets have a little fun with speculation!

Frozen Orb Prices…

With the recent Blizzard announcement that Frozen Orbs (dropped at the end of random dungeons, last boss) will be used as a form of currency in an upcoming patch, we saw prices jump from 5G to now as high as 25G in anticipation. So what is my stance? I have been watching this market closely and I am now convinced that they will end up (at least in the short term) crashing in price. I now have almost 500 saved up (free through randoms and bought on the AH with a mean average of around 8G)  and plan to dump them over the next week while the price is still decent (20G), undercutting when I need to and then keeping 150 for my own use.

My prediction is to look for a possible and VERY brief spike (or more than likely a hold in current price) as clueless players will want them immediately after patch release for purchasing the new items. However within hours to days I suspect a crash as the sheer number of people stock piling these just for the purpose of selling in an expected demand driven market will drive the price DOWN.

Perhaps long term they could spike again, but I predict that within one week of the patch, you will see 5-10 pages of them at or under 10g.

So sell them if you have extra or expect the price to drop as much as 50%.

One Response to “The Game Within the Game”

  1. Sadly, I see the drop already and I JUST Downloaded the patch. /sigh.

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