It’s An MMO Stupid!

With the understanding that virtually all MMO’s are designed from the ground up to be Massively Multiplayer and Online, why do I more often that not, find myself wanting to perform solo activities in game and thus avoid the “multiplayer” aspects? Now do not take this wrong, I am a social creature by habit. For the vast majority of my virtual life in Azeroth, I have been an officer or guild leader of sizeable and active guilds. I enjoy seeing the green text fly across my chatter panel and have raided every piece of content the game has to offer. In fact, some of the best embedded memories I have made in game were in the company of friends, new and old alike and even strangers taking on the various denizens of this incredible world.

However after more than 6 years, perhaps my tastes have aged just as I have. I used to live for PvP, Raided primarily for gear and, to be honest, knew nothing of nor cared anything for, the lore of the game. As a player who generally heals in raids I find that my personal raiding experience consists of looking at grid or healbot bars for hours while rarely actually enjoying the content. Even removing the healing or tanking responsibilities out of the game still leaves you beholden to 9 or 24 other players who are usually in a rush to down the boss, get gear and move on with little time or respect for taking in the experience and game encounters.

While I have a healthy respect and appreciation for the theory crafters and game strategists, I now find myself wanting to slow down the treadmill… at least for a time. Indeed my priorities for what gives me the most enjoyment now revolve around a very different set of game facets. I find that at least half of my in game time is now spent doing activities best enjoyed solo and my experience is vastly different and very satisfying.

One of my most recent passions is going back to old Vanilla and TBC raids with one of my level 80s and becoming a content tourist. I obviously do not do it for the gear, or experience. No the satisfaction I receive is really taking in the art, story and encounters of this old world stomping grounds. This week alone I have done Black Temple and Karazhan and was amazed at how much I really missed in the 50-100 raids I had done previously.

Look, perhaps this is just a phase… a break from the purple colored treadmill of this gearscore-centric world. But I encourage everyone to try it, you might be amazed to see or experience something you never have before despite your belief that you have seen it all.

Next up for me? Sunwell… again!

3 Responses to “It’s An MMO Stupid!”

  1. I agree completely! I’ve been playing WoW since shortly after BC launched, and I just don’t enjoy dungeons. I rarely do them. Everyone is in a huge rush, and there’s rarely any patience with someone just learning their role or just learning the instance.
    RP, on the other hand, is a blast – it adds a whole new dimension to the game, and you don’t have to read every WoW novel before you try it.

  2. gary j freeman Says:

    I have only recently come to heroics, never been on a raid. But I’m used to briefing before encounters and after, as well as intell form sources to enable an understanding of terrain and opponents prior to engaging. Plus, for a few brief minutes prior to action you get to enjoy the artwork and see significant details in the surrounding areas. But then I’m also accustomed to debriefings where time is taken to evaluate performance and correct past missteps for future battles. We always strived to be the best, and surviving team. But we also took time to appreciate our surroundings. The dungeons and BG’s with unknown grumpy, greedy, impatient players is a endurance to get higher. But all along the way I have experienced rancor, vulgarity and pettiness. And I’m sad to say, until I regained my maturity, I occasionally responded. But I’ve learned to not bite back. It’s not worth the aggravation and it’s just not who i want to be even in a game. Ever notice the cool cannons and bombs yuo can use in BG”s?

  3. Adraesh - Burning Legion Says:

    Returning to Vanilla and BC raids is one of my favorite things to do. Like you mention in your “Best Raids” post, Kara is my absolute favorite as well.

    I was only 58 when BC launched (started playing without realizing there would be an expansion) and unfortunately missed all of the level 60 raids. Since hitting 85, however, one of my favorite past times is running back through classic raids. Ragnaros is still as epic as ever.

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