Rules… Are They Really Made To Be Broken?

In case you were unaware by the name brandishing this site, I am and have always been, a Horde player (for life). When I stood in line that chilly morning in November 2004, I had two rules that I swore I would never break for as long as I resided in the World… of Warcraft.

Now, to be fair, I never thought I would play this wonderful game for 6 years!

The first rule (of Warcraft Club) was that I would never play on any server that was not labeled as PvP. Having come from Ultima Online originally, followed by long stints on the Darktide Server of Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2 along with some not so long stints with Shadowbane, Age of Conan and Warhammer Online; the idea of playing on a server where I was artifically protected from another faction or player base seemed, well, stupid.

However, that rule was broken when I very recently grew tired of the immaturity and unbalanced nature of open world PvP (read; level 80s ganking and camping level 30s in say STV) and moved over to the Wrymrest Accord server, an RP PVE server no less. Things have been great, amazing in fact so far as I find the experience with the rule set and people in general a much more desirable setting.

Now that Cataclysm approaches I am also finding myself teetering on the edge of breaking my second rule. A rule that is so core to my MMO being that I am almost ashamed of its revelation (hence my posting it a blog?). Yes my second rule, never to be broken; to role and play an alliance character! Now to preface the details of this revelation, let me first state that I am and will always be, Horde For Life. I prefer everything about the Horde and 95% of my in game time will always remain on the Horde side. However as someone who has never stepped outside of starter zones on the Alliance side, as someone who does not even like the majority of the Alliance races (human hairlips anyone?), I find myself strangely attracted to the new Worgen race.

Let us put aside for the sake of this entry, my shared sentiment that the Worgen look, smell and feel like a Horde race (my apologies to the lore experts who could and would dispute this). Let us not even broach the fact that a need for racial balance was a driver in this decision. We can all agree that the Horde needed a “small” race in the Goblin, much like the ugly Horde needed a “pretty” race in the Blood Elves.

What am I to do? What if I really like my Worgen? What if I want to play him more than 5% of the time? While my allegiance to the Horde will never be shattered, the mere fact that I desire, for the first time ever, to roll and play an Alliance race has me shaken.

So I ask you, Horde brethren (and Alliance lurkers), will tempt fate and play a Worgen? Tell me how great the Goblins will be, tell me how I will enjoy killing Worgens more than playing them… talk me down from the ledge and show me that this rule in particular, should never broken!

4 Responses to “Rules… Are They Really Made To Be Broken?”

  1. Worgen druids have an awesome flight form

  2. Axis, I am having the very same issue: worgen fever. A few friends and I have been talking and we just cannot resist the pull…. I am going to play my worgen, as a horde, who must pretend to be an alliance. Yes, I hear the loremasters screaming now. But, in my head, that may work.

    I am Horde for Life, but a worgen…. I just must. Let us make an alliance guild called My Blood Runs Horde? Just kidding. I will be on my Horde, but also spending time on the *gulp* alliance side.


  3. hey sup im that new hunter neftinar hehe

    i am horde for life but for some reason my highest leveled and most played toons (including my best geared nelf warrior) are all alliance characters .While i find and love the lore wise story of the horde and pretty much how in my opinion horde is superior to the alliance in all ways i found my self drawn to alliance characters . so pretty much have no shame in playing one alliance character when people like me play about 6 or more behind the hordes back *sly grin* .

  4. I’ve done both PvP and PvE, Horde and Alliance, and have the scars to show for it! I started, as a complete MMO noob, on a PvP server. That lasted about 18 months. Eventually, I got fed up with getting ganked by level-capped players while I was just trying to level in Hillsbrad or STV. (Our server had one player, Purplefiend, who specialized in this.) I resorted to playing at extremely odd hours in order to just get through the most hotly contested zones.

    So I rerolled on a PvE server. That made me much happier. Even on a PvP server, I had always found it possible to cooperate with Alliance when we shared a common quest goal. (You let the Alliance tap the boss and then help kill it, then the Ally waits for the respawn and reciprocates.) Now, on a PvE server, the chance that I would be stabbed in the back by my fellow player was eliminated.

    However, I’ve never been big on instances or BGs, so eventually all the Horde side quests got boring and repetitive. So I rolled an Ally toon and had fun learning my way around Ironforge, Stormwind, and the other Ally zones as well as doing some new quests. It freshened the game for me.

    But eventually I realized that I really was Horde for Life, and I was one of the first to embrace the paid faction change. (In fact, Cornata was originally a draenei.) But I left a little gold and a few toons on my old Ally server (I seem to have a surplus of priests) and I’ve had my worgen toon name saved for months. So, sometime in March or April, when the glut of worgens has moved through and I’ve gotten a bit bored of my goblin warlock, I’ll find out what the worgens are like.

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