Cataclysm PvP… A Catastrophy… A Follow Up

The amount of mail that I received in response to the Tol Barad PVP issues raised in one of my recent blog posts was staggering, divided and passionate. Similar to opinions of Hillary Clinton or Sarah Palin, the polarization is decisive and clear, there is no middle ground. While I certainly expected the passion both for and against my stance, I was surprised at the number of people who apparently took advantage of the exploits and but maintained that they did so to make a stand, to protest and to enact change… really?

Have you convinced yourself yet?

I can only imagine since I did not partake in the exploit myself, that this justification is nothing more than a thinly veiled excuse used to convince a range of exploiters that what they did was right. To be fair, I do want to make one additional point. I suspect that a not insignificant percentage (but not the majority) of those engaging in this abhorrent behavior are not the same cheaters we see AFKing every day in BG’s, going on follow during trash pulls because [insert lame excuse here] and that generally and consistently try to get as much “stuff” as possible for the least amount of effort. No the rewards for exploiting this time around were great, arguably the highest yet seen in game. Because of this, I do believe that some otherwise semi-honorable players were caught up in the “exploit fever” and convinced themselves that while they benefited just as much as the lowly leecher, that they were sending a message.

News flash, you were not any better that day. Protesting for a cause never yields personal gain and in fact the two are diametrically opposed. Once you gain from the protest, it no longer becomes a protest. Let me give you a strikingly similar real world example. Cable companies charge upwards of $100 dollars or more for me to simply receive a signal that they are already sending out to my neighbors.

Protest – Go without cable, call cable company. Write my congressman complaining about the monopoly they have. Create an anti-cable company website. Picket their building.

Lazy Exploit – Tap into my neighbors cable and enjoy the service for free.

The cheaters will use the “it’s a game argument” or “Blizzard is not really impacted financially” but they would be inaccurate and are just further deluding themselves. If even one person leaves the game once they get curb stomped in their first rated BG by a legion of fully geared PVP players with 2500 resilience gained through exploits, then in fact these cheaters are impacting Blizzard financially.

It might be harder to see the impacts, but they exist nonetheless.

So do the right thing… if you stood on that bridge to get your gear, delete it, you will feel better.

4 Responses to “Cataclysm PvP… A Catastrophy… A Follow Up”

  1. Honestly? I didn’t know their was an exploit :/ I probably wouldn’t have used it though. I’m the one who’s always there reporting AFK’ers in various battlegrounds because damn it, I work for my honor. Same as I’ve worked for everything I got out of battlegrounds. It’s painstaking to spend all day in BGs and barely have enough to buy a single piece.

    I rarely if ever bother with Tol Barad. I dislike the mechanics of it mightily. I may try when the patch comes to see if it’s any better :/ This is me doubting it =P

  2. Well, as a person who only PvPs when there are no raids going in my guild; I can tell you that the level of pvp strength of exploit opponents is staggering. Granted, cheat or no cheat there is ALWAYS going to be a PvP moster waiting to gank me, but the amount of them now in unbearable. I used to fair alright when i found myself cornering a player one on one… i had a chance. I’m not gonna whine about it, i decided that it is just part of the game. I joined a sweet arena team and have been making time for pvp gear. ::Shrug:: I may get ganked, but my PVE gear makes the guy ganking me all the madder he had to cheat.

  3. Awesome Orc Says:

    I didn’t even realize there was an exploit until the announcement that it has been fixed. As a fulltime Horde PVPer, I already had decent pvp arena gear before the expansion was released. I barely noticed the few Alliance lamers who had geared up quickly. TB is horde controlled most of the time !!!!

  4. I thoroughly dislike leeches and people that use exploits and then pull it’s ‘just a game’. PvP is one of the things I do enjoy about WoW and if I was faced off with a bunch of overgeared players that did not ‘earn’ it, I would stop PvP in that bracket. I doubt I would actually leave the game, but most definitely stop.

    I stopped going to Wintersgrasp for the same reason. Facing off 15 to 50+ every match was pointless and a broken game mechanic IMHO. Queue batches of people 10 or 20 at a time. It would still favor the defender but at least give a fighting chance, tenacity was and is a joke. All it makes you feel like is an ‘end boss’ in an instance, you might take some of them, but eventually sheer number will win out.

    I spend alot of time gearing characters all the way from the teens to be competitive in PvP, so AFKers and cheats – no thanks. I really think they must be damn pathetic in real life as well to cheat in ‘just a game’.

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