Bringing Some Law to the PvP Wasteland

Tonight we look at the darker side of the World of Warcraft, the wasteland known as the PVP server. Player versus player experiences have over the years become much less about faction war and battles for objectives and pride and instead have devolved into simple “lowbie gank-fests” and “corpse camping” by cowardly players whose only goal is to grief and cyber-bully another player.

Rarely are these encounters fair as the “griefers” simply prey on the weak; killing unsuspecting low-level players who stand no chance of survival. Most of these types of players are actually mediocre in terms of skill level and do not even want a fair fight. They rely on a superior and overwhelming advantage in terms of level variance and the act of sizing up their opponent to ensure that they hold a decisive and no risk advantage is as simple as reading their victims character level as it’s displayed in the interface.

Many players have called for restrictions in open world PvP combat based on level ranges as a way to stem the griefing. However, despite my disdain for this type of behavior, I will fight for the right to do it. Why you might ask? Because to remove that ability would rip at the core integrity of the PvP rule set. This is likely the reason that some form of restriction has not been put into place, after all you are welcome to play on a non PvP server and avoid this frustration.

However all is not lost, there is hope. There is one small, simple change Blizzard could consider. A change that would have an immediate impact and go a long way to reducing this dishonorable type of behavior. This change would work to remove the tell-tale sign and a tool used mostly by these cowardly players and would go actually enhance open world PvP for all players.

And what is the best way to hinder these griefers? Remove level display from opposing factions.

You already cannot talk to the other faction, why is that we can see their level? Trust me when I tell you this WOULD with zero doubt reduce ganking. We can argue about how much it would reduce this behavior and I will concede that it surely would not remove it 100% of the time, but then again that’s not the goal. In actuality, I fully support even if I disagree on the morals of, a player on a PvP server attacking whomever he or she chooses regardless of level. It is a PvP server for a reason and I believe that some players would embrace the change and enjoy the challenge of the unknown.

But think about it for a moment; a cowardly level 85 ganker might think twice if they CANNOT BE 100% SURE that they are ganking someone 50 levels below them by looking right at their level. Let me also add that any player who complains about this change I am proposing, any player who would flood the forums and trade chat shouting about how unfair the change would be… right their names down because THEY are those VERY same cowardly gankers.

No quality PvP player, even those that role play pure evil and practice low level ganks would object to this change. But those cowards who generally have a delusional and inflated sense of self-worth and PvP ability would be the only ones hurt by such a change. Their definition of PvP is to prey upon the weak and this change would add a sense of the unknown and some risk to the attacker in the encounter as it should be.

Make the change blizzard… remove the level display from opposing factions at least on PvP servers… bringing just a little law to what is the PvP wasteland.

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One Response to “Bringing Some Law to the PvP Wasteland”

  1. I would have to agree with you. It would add that extra little thrill of the unknown and also a challenge. I like the idea and hope Blizzard will implement it.

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