Horde For Life – World of Warcraft Podcast

UPDATED: December 31, 2020

You have reached the official site of the “Horde for Life” podcast and Warcraft guild located on the Wyrmrest Accord US RP server.

We are a casual, family friendly guild that has existed since 2010. To us, friendship, kindness and inclusion are paramount to the enjoyment of the game. To learn more about us, please read the charter via the link below.

Horde for Life Charter and Application

For those interested in joining HFL, look for us on the Wyrmrest Accord server via the recruitment tab in your Warcraft interface. Please note that you MUST read and agree to the rules charter below to be accepted. Once you have read the charter, just put a note in the application letting us know… and maybe tell us a little about yourself.

HFL Guild Charter

Contact Us

After reading and agreeing to our charter you can contact us in game (/who horde for life) or find us on twitter or through email.

Twitter: HFLPodcast / Email: hordeforlifepodcast@gmail.com

Warcraft and Gaming Podcasts

Hordeforlife.com is your home for the Horde for Life podcast and blog. While no longer being produced regularly, the HFL podcast and all archived episodes are available to download or stream directly from our site! You can also can find all of our podcast episodes on iTunes Tunein Radio and Stitcher Radio.

And do not forget you can listen to any of our archived episodes starting from episode numero uno all the way to current shows by visiting our download archive HERE

Find us on Twitter:


16 Responses to “Horde For Life – World of Warcraft Podcast”

  1. Tick, tick. Almost 2/1, almost time.

    Look forward to the cast as I need something to liven up my morning listening.

  2. Good job axis you actually have a nice radio voice

  3. Another amazing podcast Armada. Keep ’em coming. 🙂

  4. Well written and nice to see someone add a little professionalism to the game.

  5. Crazykeith Says:

    I really like the horde for life podcast! so much so I am wanting to switch wow servers. How do i join your guild?

  6. Evilforlife Says:

    Loving the podcast!!! So much I went back and listened to all 12 episodes. Looking forward to more. Have you ever thought of adding a section of the show for the more beginner players like me. Maybe explaining terminology or aspects of the game. Maybe call it Nuggets for Noobs, lol. Keep up the great work.


  7. Arslurker Says:

    love the podcast man, just need more of them!

  8. Loved the podcast so much that I went back to the beginning. I don’t even play WoW anymore and still have this in my weekly listen. On a side note, what happened to Defiant for Life? If it hasn’t been cancelled, can you upload to the Zune Marketplace?

  9. Loving the post. Keep up the good work!

  10. Great podcast. check out ours!

  11. Top of the line podcasting. Period! /bow ❤

  12. Ekotar of Wyrmrest Says:

    I am worried that the Black Market AH will be the biggest boon to gold sellers yet in an MMO.

  13. Re: Valor Grind
    On the Isle of Thunder, players have to choose between PvP and PvE dailies, with the rewards clearly defined. What if – on the first faction-related daily of the day – the players were given the following choice:
    A) Grind Valor as normal: 5VP per daily, as many dailies as they can stomach
    B) Only do dailies for that faction (or a small number of factions), at an increased VP reward per daily.

    What I’m thinking is that while one can clearly get more daily VP from choice A (that is my intent), by getting a little VP boost from choice B, players can get a “decent” amount of VP for the day without spending all of their time doing dailies, freeing their playtime – or real life time – for whatever else they might really want to do.

  14. drennui Says:

    RE: PvP.

    Since everything can be t-mogged, why not just automatically give everyone who zones into a BG or an Arena iLvl 1 gear that is t-mogged to whatever they were wearing when they accepted the cal to battle? Every class will have the same crappy stats, so only skill, spec, and the player’s glyph/talent choices should matter (in theory)

  15. Shamans equipped for melee combat should focus more on the
    Enhancement talent tree as many of the skills improve melee combat and
    damage. Even gray loot has value when you
    sell it to vendors. You shouldn’t destroy your
    first impression of the game by going through detailed leveling

  16. I would love to join Horde for Life

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