Resilience: The Great Lie?

As discussed in episode 12 of the Horde for Life podcast, resilience has shown itself to not only be an artificial construct of a development team that needed a fix, the PvP only stat has done much more harm than good and if you take a moment to think about it logically you will see it really provides no player benefit.

While I completely understand both the mechanics of and all the reasons for resilience in the current state of the game, we must remember that this is a product of our gradual acclimation and acceptance to resilience as a needed PvP stat. However take a moment and think about it… or better yet if you played the game prior to the Burning Crusade expansion, remember that resilience did not always exist in-game and even at its introduction, the stat provided both PvE and PvP value. Today however, resilience has grown from a quick fix band-aid in response to a lack of adequate PvE gear in 2007 and the cries from the anti-PvP crowd into an intended demarcation/barrier to entry between PvE and PvP.

I cannot help but wonder if any developer will ever make a game where these two play styles are not required to be so utterly and completely compartmentalized. To my way of thinking it is myopic – and yet universally accepted – that someone who has spent 100s of hours raiding and acquiring the very best raid gear in-game, is automatically inept if he were to step into a battleground, arena or world PvP event. So a top raiders gear is good enough to slay dragons and ogre’s but not good enough to take down a player controlled gnome mage? And conversely the very best PvP player with the best gear available will be consistently laughed off his server if he rolls into a dungeon or raid with his epic resilience gear that he spent an entire season on.

Why is this acceptable to us?

I get it… you do not want epic PvP players being able to jump into top raids and we do not want legendary raiders having immediate access to Arena success… but why? I do not blame the players for this attitude because we are simply reacting to the climate and game mechanics that have been dictated by the introduction of and subsequent changes to resilience. Wholesale changes that took resilience from a useful and global (PvE and PvP) critical damage mitigation stat to a PvP only damage reducer. This removal of resilience as a PvE valued component has created yet another chasm in the game that only serves to increase the speed of the treadmill and ensure Blizzard that you cannot out pace their content or game options.

Why do we expect and accept that you must either choose your path (PvE or PvP) or work twice as hard to acquire gear in what basically becomes two separate games. If this demarcation was removed for everyone then what would be problem everyone and every developer fears?

Is it time investment? Is it skill vs gear? I would understand this argument save for the fact that you can argue it both ways. Sure you might say you do not want a PvP player tanking or healing your raid because you think he will fail and that you do not want a raider failing in your arena but I would argue that this is and should be part of a natural barrier as opposed to an artificial one.

Go talk to players from 2004-2006 who were both top raiders in Molten Core and exceptional PvP players… using the same Warlord PvP gear for either play style. That gear did not have resilience and PvP was near perfect. If you remove resilience, PvP would be instantly improved, game walls would be taken down and skill still matters… in fact it would matter more so as opposed to your gear grinding ability.

Resilience is a blight on the game and has led to nothing good… resilience gave us tenacity and the badge and PvP marks system and only provides barriers to our game.

One Response to “Resilience: The Great Lie?”

  1. in opposition to your description:
    no resilience on gear –>welcome back to the land of being one shot by any class with a high burst opener…cant see the return of skill in that hionestly

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