30 Days of Diversity – # 20

Druid Tier 3: Dreamwalker Raiment

The Dreamwalker set I have not so affectionately labeled as the seed of laziness set. You see this tier 3 set has the infamous honor of being the only Warcraft tier set that was – almost 100% – copied for the tier 7 set appropriately called the “Valorous Dreamwalker” set.

That said its not the fault of this set that the developers got lazy a few years later and this “original” set clearly departed from the previous two druid sets which had a tendency to be very “druidish” with antlers and branches on the helm. Tier 3 on the other hand offered a more sleek look more befitting a caster.

If not for the green giveaway, you might mistake this set for that of a mage!

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