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30 Days of Diversity – # 1

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Warlock Tier 5: Corrupter

I find it both ironic, fitting and completely unplanned that positions 1 and 2 in the 30 Days of Diversity represent diametrical opposites and provide a heaven and hell storyline. The Tier 5 Corrupter set is, in every way, the exact opposite of the Avatar set. It simply drips evil and embodies everything horrific and dark about the Warlock class.

With a dark chained helm, evil glowing eyes, mesmerizing red globes and a set of shoulders that Vlad the Impaler would be proud to wear, the Corrupter set is quite simply the best looking set ever created in, above or beneath the world of Azeroth. It should also be noted that our top 2 sets are both from tier 5… what a year! Now add to this that tier 6 makes up another 2 of our top 5 and I think we know who the best visionaries are/were among the Blizzard legion of artists both past and present.

Note: The following was written prior to the announcement that gear customization was coming in patch 4.3. However I find that the comments are best preserved for posterity and have chosen to leave them in, as dated as they may be. After all our Crusade was successful and these words were the mantra we chanted!

In closing out this project, I hope you had even a fraction as much enjoyment in reading it as I had in creating it. Blizzard has created so many amazing and varied art assets in their flagship MMO and it is that fact that makes the lack of any mechanic, appearance tab or otherwise to take advantage of those resources so frustrating.

It is my profound hope and belief that under current or new leadership, Blizzard will see what is clearly the easiest design decision a fantasy game developer could ever make. Create diversity, create customization… put the RP back in MMORPG.


30 Days of Diversity – # 2

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Priest Tier 5: Avatar

I flipped number 1 and 2 several times before settling on the placement of the incredible Avatar set as the second most desirable and epic set in all the World… of Warcraft. As someone who owns the number 1 set but not the Avatar set I was concerned that I was bias towards the set I own. Perhaps that is the case, but either way very few will argue at how fantastic this set is. It represents everything cool about Priests while being outlandish or over stated (as it should be when augmenting the Priest class).

From the perfect combination of colors and a fantastic helm to the exceptional angel winged shoulders, this Avatar set is 100 percent angelic and heavenly.


HFL Episode 20 Show Notes

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Stream Episode 20 HERE

Episode # 20 – Threat

This week on Horde for Life – More 4.3 notes revealed, how the loss of threat is a good for everyone and Rich learns the correct pronunciation of Trans MOG Rify… plus your feedback, the blizzard community invents a new word, food for the gods and we preview the 4.3 instances… were holding agro just fine… right now on horde for life!

Your feedback is always welcome and spotlighted in Horde for Life!

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30 Days of Diversity – # 3

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Shaman Tier 3: Earthshatterer

Our top 3 sets were juggled, jostled and reordered in draft form up until the last moment. I would have zero argument with someone stating that the Earthshatterer is the single best looking set in the game. I took no points off for the name which is bad use of the English language at best but who can argue with those shoulders as they literally look as though they are supporting dual Suns (or Stars for those science nerds among us)?

It is also important to note that this set, along with all tier 3 items are no longer available in game. It is my profound hope that the new Darkmoon Faire coming in patch 4.3 will reintroduce the entire catalog of tier 3 sets back into the wild. If I had to make an argument in support of it not being at number 1 or 2, it would be that the rest of the pieces, while good are not at the same level of sheer awesome as the shoulders. While this set sits at number 3, it would probably be the first set I would hunt down were the set available in game.


30 Days of Diversity – # 4

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Druid Tier 6: Thunderheart

Of all the sets I researched for this project, the tier 6 Thunderheart set was the most surprising. As someone who did not really play a druid until around tier 9, I simply had very little experience with this set. However my research and review of this set shows one of the most class specific looks that simply screams Druid and even more so embodies the spirit of the Tauren race.

From the deep blood crimson colors, the war eagle headdress and hanging medallion art to the feathered shoulders, the Thunderheart is both demure, distinct, classic and dynamic all at the same time. I can say with no reservations (no pun intended) that I will seek this set out immediately as we prepare for gear customization in patch 4.3!