HFL Episode 23 Show Notes

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Episode # 23 – Blizzcon

This week on Horde for Life: Full Blizzcon 2011 wrap up coverage. The World of Warcraft jumps the panda… er I mean shark! The art of over thinking, Blizzard’s counter to the the old republic launch… your move Bioware and the HFL podcast scores again with a 3 month old resilience prediction!

We have all the details in this special Blizzcon edition of HFL. Buckle up folks, the MMO arms race is just getting started… right now on horde for life!

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One Response to “HFL Episode 23 Show Notes”

  1. My comment (guest post) to multiple episodes:
    The discussions in this episode are addictive! Do a round table special with @dollada06 @Ronfinite and let the discussions run full circle, including the tangents. This is just to good! The fact that you disagree with each other is what makes this episode so important. Especially since the next expansion involves Pandas and a Pet battle system which calls for unfair hatred by default.

    Rich, you’re a master at turning the bad side of things to something good. I suddenly thought of WoW last saturday, saw the MoP picture on battlenet and just felt that this was the end of the World of Warcraft. Really. Ended up writing about it in my farewell post. I decided then and there that i’d stay away from WoW and that I could break free from buying new expansions. Since then you’ve managed to make me think of the other side of the coin which does look pretty damn interesting, on paper. And it’s like you’ve said, try it and decide once you know if it works or not. The sky wasn’t falling, I just really hoped it was.

    One thing i’m wondering is if Blizzard really will manage to pull off 9 instances, 3 raids, 3 bg’s and 5 zones + all other stuff before the release. I’m thinking that the tech is limiting the speed too much. I’m no techie though, so it’s all speculations.

    Addiction is one hell of a thing. I’ve been waiting for something new to beat WoW, but at the same time I avoid trying new games for two reasons; 1. They look like shit or are just too uninteresting. I’d rather look at a friend play an okay game rather than playing it myself and waste/spend time learning attacks, abilities etc myself 2. I don’t need a new addiction. I want something that beats WoW, so that I can leave it, but we all know that when I do find IT i’ll play that instead. Bottom line, I guess I love gaming. It’s a passion and i’m way too old to quit!

    Thanks for recording a great podcast and keep on doing it. I’ve listened since episode7 or so. Can’t really remember.

    No pre expansion information has been as interesting as it is right now, ever. Not because of the Pandas or the lore, but because of the current state of WoW and MMO’s. I hope Bioware hits Blizzard hard (6M subs would be good), but I doubt that i’ll enjoy ToR. I have no idea what kind of a game i’m waiting for, but i’ll know when it arrives and I guess that it should be different, but it wasn’t SC 2 (didn’t even buy it), probably not D3, nor ToR and it most definitely wasn’t Rift. So it might be an FPS that i’m waiting for.

    CS is still the 2nd best game followed by WC3 (Best story line ever!).

    Out 🙂

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