HFL Poll: PvP Only Stats – Remove?

In episode 62 of the Horde for Life podcast, we discussed at great length the reasons for removing Resilience and Power as Player versus Player only stats from PvP gear. Were you convinced? Do you have an opinion?

Vote and feel free to write the show or comment here as we want to hear from our audience.

So we ask… PvP only stats, Remove or Leave alone?


One Response to “HFL Poll: PvP Only Stats – Remove?”

  1. Hal Bradbury Says:

    The reason PVP only stats exist is so that players can protect themselves from massive nukes. Some players can build up an attack that will hit for 300k, etc., and without some PVP protection, you get wasted. Player fights don’t last long enough. Example: Compare a geared out lvl 90 against a lvl 90 Crocolisk: 2 second fight, boom splat!!

    The solution is SO OBVIOUS! Get rid of gear stats for PVP, and add a simple global mechanic: “All damage against Players tagged for PVP combat reduced by 50%. Healing received while tagged for PVP combat reduced by 50%.” Or whatever those values need to be. Maybe this needs some tweaking, but the concept is sound.

    If they level the PVP playing field by taking out PVP gear stats, they can put in player protection that will make fights last more than 2 seconds, which is what I believe the developer’s problem was in the first place.

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