Horde for Life 64 – More Lore!


Episode 64 – “More Lore”

We are happy to welcome friend of the show Ron Loupe on this lore heavy episode. We highlight a Blue Sky lore mechanic that we believe will introduce lore to a whole new corps of players while giving lore veterans an ear to ear grin.

When not talking lore we discuss some Blizzard developer comments surrounding PvP, mounted combat and player housing!

All this plus a new Food for the Gods, your feedback and the Transmog spotlight offers a treat for Warlocks!

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One Response to “Horde for Life 64 – More Lore!”

  1. For proper vehicle combat, look to Star Trek Online. The ships are treated almost like additional characters. Your skills affect what you can do, or your onboard gear. You run raid-like content to get better gear for your ship. They also have it that you have crew memebers which you train, choose their skills and level and then shoose what role the serve on the ship. And that role detirmines how thier skills affect you abilties in the vehicle battles. If Blizzard could somehow do something on this scale, I think they could make vehicle battles so much better.

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