HFL 65 – Deja Vu and Deadlines


Episode 65

“Deja Vue and Deadlines”

It was a week of trials and tribulations as the HFL crew were forced to put in double time to get this episode out to you.

Along with some great feedback from our listeners, we also cover some developer comments, subscribers numbers, the soon to be infamous “raid wipe buff” and give you the Transmog goods on the Shaman Tier 3 set; Earthshatter! Alas we ran out of time as we had a deadline to meet and we not able to cover our PvP Blue Sky this week.

Enjoy the 90 minute show and we promise the Blue Sky talk returns next week!

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One Response to “HFL 65 – Deja Vu and Deadlines”

  1. Hi all. I thought I would comment on something you guys did say about classes doing more than 1 role. When I solo with my hunter, I have a tank in my pet. I would queue up as a tank with my hunter if it would just allow me too. But the game limits me from doing so. I think many more people would tank or Heal if they had the option to do so with their favorite class.
    As for choosing, when I choose to make a rogue, I choose to be combat spec because I thought it would let me tank. I was very disappointed to learn otherwise.
    Some of the problems with being a tank or a healer is the classes that are allowed to do that. Some people hate heavy armour types. Some dislike Druids. So overall, it’s not that I have a choice to make to be a class that tanks, but then Blizzard would need to make classes that people will want to be that can tank.
    And I think that it would be easy thing to make specs that have pets to be able to tank. And any magic using class the ability to heal others. I don’t ever seeing Hunters able to heal, but they should easily be able to tank.
    I enjoy your podcast and hope to hear more.

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