HFL 66 – A Darkmoon Foursome

darkmoon-faire-2Episode 66

“A Darkmoon Fair Foursome”

We break out the ride tickets as Kevin and Apsana from the Darkmoon Fair join us to discuss all matter of Warcraft topics.

From the Cross Realm Zone debate, to casting the Warcraft movie we cover as much as most shows before the break. The Transmog Spotlight takes us down the Druid path with Val Kilmer and the Thunderheart set!

For Blue Sky it is time to make a case for a single currency as we debate and speculate the Pros and Cons.

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One Response to “HFL 66 – A Darkmoon Foursome”

  1. I’m just now finishing up this specific podcast, and have some input on the way the currency system is right now. You guys are looking at it from a raider stand point where you would also like to be able to pvp. On the raider’s side, you have a series of steps you have to go through in order to get the best gear possible, and valor gear isn’t always the answer, whereas in the pvp world, conquest gear is the best possible gear to get. If you could just run heroics all day everyday and still get the top pvp gear, the people who have spent hours upon hours doing pvp are going to feel slighted by the fact that all you had to do to get your gear was heroics.

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