HFL Poll: Next Playable Race

At some point in a future expansion, the odds are good Blizzard will add another race type for players to choose in creating a character. What is your favorite, regardless of faction?

5 Responses to “HFL Poll: Next Playable Race”

  1. Cornata Says:

    I’d love to see the Cenarion centaurs as a playable race:
    Of course, Blizz would have to concoct some new lore in order to let Horde play them. But we’ve already seen “tainted nymphs” and “corrupted keepers” in Northrend so it’s not that much of a stretch.

  2. I would like a class like a thief/joker, someone who’s main spells are stealing other players spells. Could steal freindly or enemy spells..

  3. Harpy!

  4. David buster Says:

    What would be badass would be to play as a Klaxxi. Think of he quick strike mechanics the Rare elite Mantids use, and you could fly, maybe not totally fly in beginning but as you leveled your flight ability got greater.

  5. I think Ogre would be a pretty solid choice for Horde.

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