HFL Poll: Name Your Battleground Map

What is your favorite Battleground map in the World of Warcraft?

One Response to “HFL Poll: Name Your Battleground Map”

  1. Donnie Hawkins Says:

    Alterac is one of my fav’s. Ive noticed it is a bg that sets up better for alliance. The alliance path is very linear. Now this is all just my own experience and observation, but if the Horde doesnt make an effort to defend Frostwolf Keep out of the gate, the Alliance will prevail in an all out run completeing objectives in order. I have yet to win on the horde side with an all out assault straight to Dun Baldar. Where as on the Allinace side, with dk’s and pallys racing to Frostwolf, with no horde defending, the linear set-up and timers will favor the alliance. Alliance very rarely decide to back-cap initially because of this and its a massive turtle when knocking off the objections in a row one by one. If 5 to 10 Horde defend Frostwolf to slow the early arrival of Alliance, the timers will be disrupted and when the Alliance are forced to back-cap, then the balance tips in the favor of the Horde. Many factors can disrupt my findings, but as a generalization, Ive found this all to be true. When I play Alliance and I see a mass of Horde to my left coming down the hill at The Field of Strife, I know we have a good chance of winning. When I play Horde, and no-one comes with me to Frostwolf, I know our chances will be slim. But if a few come with me to Frostwolf, I feel confident we can win. And it never fails, some Alliance DK with “run like the wind” will head into base thinking he will start the timers and “Surprise…you’re Dead!!” . LoL…that never gets old! Even if we fail to defend and lose. 🙂
    Great Show as always…Donnie (DiztheWarlock)

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