What is Your ONE Wish for Warcraft?

OK fellow Azerothians… you have been given the Blizzard magic wand and get but a single wave to change one aspect of the game. Choose Wisely!

If you do not see your wish select other and leave a comment, if its good we will add to the poll!

2 Responses to “What is Your ONE Wish for Warcraft?”

  1. More Stable Slots for Hunters

  2. David buster Says:

    I chose other, because the one feature I would love is to have the legendaries I got (Sulfuras and Thunderfury) that I cannot use as a Hunter, but I made them anyways so my guild could have the achieve, is that Legendaries would be account bound. How badass would it be for my 90 pally who I use for my jewel crafter to be walking around with Thunderfury. I spent a lot of time and effort making those, and although I don’t regret it, I sure would like to be able to pop those on a toon who could walk proudly with them.

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