Horde for Life 74 – Brass Knuckles and a Goalie Mask

 rogue1Episode 74

“Brass Knuckles and a Goalie Mask”

The Horde for Life start the show discussing the wildly varying activity levels of our hosts but eventually settle into some lively discourse over the recent Activision Blizzard Q1 numbers with an HFL spin. Instead of just reporting the news, we take the Blue Sky approach to speculate on the HOW and WHY before going deep into the WHAT giving our opinions and ideas to bring back the lost subs.

All these plus 5.3 patch news, developer comments and your emails!

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One Response to “Horde for Life 74 – Brass Knuckles and a Goalie Mask”

  1. Mike Weiner Says:

    Another great episode! Regarding your discussion on trimming the opening…my humble suggestion is to keep the WoW related stuff, but things which just don’t fit, like the NASA countdown, anything not directly from WoW but is in there anyway, could all be removed and the ambiance the rest is setting up would be even better.

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