Horde for Life 75 – Six Day Sabbatical


Episode 75

“Six Day Sabbatical”

It was not unexpected that this week the HFL crew would be subject to some backlash from not only detailing the cause and effect of Blizzard’s Q1 numbers but also from 2/3 of our crew taking a small break from the game.

Our listeners are passionate and that certainly came through this week. After we licked our wounds, we also had some great discussions on the 5.3 patch launch, the inevitable dethroning of Garrosh and Trolls lack of footwear.

We had fun, you will too.

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One Response to “Horde for Life 75 – Six Day Sabbatical”

  1. shawndrakai Says:

    I haven’t listened yet, as I am saving it for my lonely time at work, but you cannot cover up perfection, which is why Trolls go barefoot. 🙂

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