Horde for Life Poll: Do You Want Real Money Transactions in WoW (EU/US)?

Judging by the sheer amount of emails I have received in just a few short days since the PTR announcement that 5.4 will include an in game store for Asian servers, this poll should be pretty active and is a hot button type of topic.

So we are not going to cloud it up with lots of “gray area” options; you either want real money transactions for EU/US realms in the form of an in game store to include “game enhancing” items such as charms and XP boosts because you feel time is also a currency or you do not.

This will be a focus of HFL 80, so vote and email us your comments to be read on the show at hordeforlifepodcast@gmail.com

3 Responses to “Horde for Life Poll: Do You Want Real Money Transactions in WoW (EU/US)?”

  1. no way no how! if blizzard turns into EQ im out!

  2. Danger Will Robinson Says:

    have to admit i love the idea of buying 50 slot bags, more character slots and how about paid class changes!? But it is as slippery as a slope can get. Dont bitch when your wow cost you 100 a month!

  3. Blizzard is losing subs we all know that and the trend is probably going to keep going down like you guys have said. Blizzard has to do something to generate revenue if we want to keep the game as a polished top tier mmo.

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