Horde for Life 80 – WoW A Titanic Prediction!

titanic-sinking-underwaterEpisode 80

“WoW A Titanic Prediction”

What a fun show we had this week. Rich’s error in double booking guests actually worked out really well as Josh James and Ben Novak joined Rich and Dustin to talk about one of the single most controversial and perhaps landscape changing new items in sometime is announced by Blizzard.

Yes we speak of the in game store and if our poll at hordeforlife.com, twitter and the myriad of forums are any indication, we have just started having this conversation. Tell us your thoughts as we have some lively debate and speculation on what the store means for the game, the industry and the fanbase. Listen in as we inject our Blue Sky formula into this hot topic by talking about what could be and making both a case for and against the this real money tranaction system.

Oh and then there was this little… OK huge prediction; Rich seems to think he is rock solid 100 percent certain what Titan is, will be and how it impacts the World of Warcraft. You do not want to miss this if only to flame him if he is wrong. But you will definitely want to say you heard it first hand if he is right.

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