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Horde for Life Special Developer Episode – Marco Koegler

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Special Developer Episode

We had the great pleasure to speak with Blizzard Technical Director for your World of Warcraft, Marco Koegler! In this interview we touched a range of 5.4 topics as well as a few off we are certain you will not hear anywhere else. Sit back and listen as you learn some behind the scenes origin stories on Cross Realm Zones and Connected Realms, the prospect of Blizzard selling gold to its players, great naval battles and why Warcraft is one of the few games you could actually play on a deserted island (assuming you had electricity and a SAT connection!).

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Horde for Life Poll: How excited are you for patch 5.4?

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Patch 5.4 is just around the corner and Garrosh awaits you along with many new features. How excited are you for the patch and will it effect your subscription?

HFL Interviews Marco Koegler August 20th

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The Horde for Life crew are very excited to welcome Blizzard Entertainment Technical Director Marco Koegler to the podcast next Tuesday, August 20 for what promises to be a very “Blue Sky” episode. Marco has been gracious enough to lend us some interview time to discuss such topics as the upcoming patch 5.4 and more specifically some new functionality coming to Azeroth in the form of Connected Realms. We also hope to get a behind the scenes glance at the evolution of the systems and tech that keep this game look so great for so long.

And yes… of course we will ask him his preferred faction to play as he repeatedly burns Scarlet Monastery to the ground!