Horde for Life Poll: The Next HFL Crusade!

YOU are part of the HFL crew since we only exist to provide you weekly information and (hopefully) entertainment. So why would we not include your opinions in such a big decision? Horde for Life is 2 for 2 in pushing for a feature, so what do we want as our next Crusade? Vote and we will discuss along with your emails and comments for a decision on episode 91.

One Response to “Horde for Life Poll: The Next HFL Crusade!”

  1. Kathoskrino Says:

    Classic raid finder in some variation is coming. There was footage of some guy who accidently entered Stratholme with a friend and got scaled down. It’s the big feature Greg was hinting at before patch went live. They just need to come up wih a proper imcentive that cannot be gear since it would complicate end game. Transmog pets and mounts are most likely.

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