Horde for Life 127: Singing Druid

singing druidEpisode 127

Singing Druid
We record on the heels of Comic Con 2015 and fruitlessly attempt to view the Warcraft movie trailer for discussion this week. We start the show talking about our holiday time including Dustin’s trip to Big Sky country. While the movie talk will have to wait, we were able to build some great discussion on the 6.2 Corey Stockton interview where we learn that Hellfire Citadel will be the last planned content patch for Warlords. We lament the potential content drought and speculate on a potential 2015 expansion! We also give hardcore Mythic raiders some love , talk about a faction-less World of Warcraft, do a non scientific garrison gold experiment and Tika sings!

We would also like to apologize for running too long to discuss our Blue Sky topic this week. But it will front and center in episode 128.

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