Horde for Life 128: Bait and Switch!


bait and switch

Episode 128

Bait and Switch

Making up for our MIA Blue Sky last week, we have a jam packed show totaling over two and one half hours for your listening pleasure! We start with some mercenary mode details and opinions and progress into some Draenor flying and token talk before really hitting the creamy center of the show, our Blue Sky segment.

Not only do we have a great Blue Sky discussion on alternative server ideas, we also spend a great deal of time outlining the possible expansion leak rumors ahead of the August 6th announcement. Even if the rumors are fake and only 1/3 of our cast believes this, then Blizzard should be listening either way because this expansion fits and would be great!

Also be sure to comment on the new shorter intro… and if you listen to the “WHOLE” show, you will learn which HFL member recently got his account suspended! Oh the scandal!

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