Horde for Life 148: Legion Pre-Patch Blues


Episode 148

Legion Pre-Patch Blues

Lots of good discussion on episode 148, so much so that we are not able to fit it all in. Apologies in advance for teasing and not delivering the transmog MMO six pack, but it will come fast and furious on episode 149.

That said we get to a lot tonight, starting with Dustin abusing the host… or maybe the host is trolling Dustin, one can never tell! When things finally get serious we settle down to share our angst for CRZ in capital cities, a move that Blizzard is finally backing off of.

But we spend most of the evening detailing all you want to know about the pre-patch, the good bad and ugly… hint, do not get too used to those artifact weapons as they may go the way of garrisons.

Additionally we praise the modding community as unheralded heroes even as Rich struggles with updates to over 70 mods, talk PvP and Dustin tells us why Pokemon GO is the greatest mobile game ever launched.

Be sure to listen to the outtakes at the end of show! Two and a half hours… are you not entertained!


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One Response to “Horde for Life 148: Legion Pre-Patch Blues”

  1. Dear horde for life. Blizzard is not trolling you with training dummies. The melee training dummy is for tanks to practice defensive abilities.

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