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October 14, 2018 – HFL Announcement

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Not So Quick HFL Guild Announcement

Sorry / Armada < Ares/Deadwood / Raiding! / Planned Guild Changes / Thank you!

Since coming back to Azeroth (and my beloved HFL) I have been playing at a feverish pace logging around 40+HRS/WK. You may not have known this because you have not seen me online and/or do not have me on BNet friends (Armada #1196).

Well as many of you that know me well – know – I have had a REAL alt problem since I stopped raiding hardcore in Cata. Just so you understand this addiction:

  • I have 4 active accounts all maxed out
  • My main account has 97 characters on it (Yes the max is 50 per account… ask me sometime)

But this play time has not translated to the proper, deserved and required commitment to the guild that I created and have loved since 10/10/10. Thanks to the incredible people/leadership in HFL, the guild has remained in great standing despite this. For me personally though, I have lost touch with many of our newer members and that only serves to decrease my personal enjoyment of the game… so that needs to be fixed.

Again MUCH (if not all) of this stems from my playing alts and love for PvP (I have a geared xpoff PvP character on both factions in EVERY bracket from 19-99)…


 I have made the (hard for me) decision to focus the lion’s share of my time (estimate > 75%) on two “mains” thereby taking them both to 120 and once complete, deciding to really focusing on taking ONE of these to a raiding level in hopes of joining fellow HFL members in raiding current content (and may some guild PVP? :D).

Unfortunately neither of these two candidates will be named Armada, so he will likely become a figurehead and may perhaps be retired to an admin rank in favor of my new main once I am 100 percent certain. This primarily means I will be taking a much more proactive approach in guild, be online and available a lot more to interact, help and lead HFL.

So after all this you probably are wondering who these new mains will be; after much testing, deliberation and gauging “fun factor” my two new candidates for the new Armada are:

  • Ares- Fury Warrior (not tanking… ever lol)
  • Deadwood – BM/MM Hunter

I will also level a DH once I decided on which name to use (help me pick? Evil, Impaler, Atlas, Beheader or Blacksun… thank you multiple account name saves from 2004 🙂 I will get him in the guild.

Some immediate guild issues will be resolved next week (apologies for Rayn and company for delays):

  • Guild Ranks – working on it THIS weekend
  • Charter URL on – Next week

Special thanks need to be made to the leadership of this guild for providing great stewardship. So many people deserve a shout out, but I fear I would forget someone but I must send a special thank you to Raynfall for all he has done for HFL during my sabbatical.