HFL Guild Charter

Horde For Life Guild Charter

Horde for Life Guild Charter

Original Version May 10, 2010

Revised May 22, 2015

Major Revision October 14, 2018 – Rank structure revision


You have found the Horde for Life guild charter. Within these pages are the specifics of the Horde for Life guild that all members and potential members are expected to read and become familiar with. If you were directed here and/or are new to the guild, the sheer amount of information might seem daunting at first. However the information is important to your success and tenure with HFL as we believe we offer one of the strongest communities in the World of Warcraft.

While this entire charter should be reviewed at length, we recommend for those that want to get an idea of what HFL is all about, to just read three sections; the H.O.R.D.E. Code and Guild Charter Synopsis which are the first two sections, followed by the FAQ at the bottom of the charter. This should at least give you a good idea if we are a good match for your play style and in-game attitude.


The H.O.R.D.E. Code
H – Honor
O – Opportunity
R – Respect
D – Dedication
E – Equality

The H.O.R.D.E. Code is a summary, at the most basic level, of our core beliefs and tenants. We expect every member of Horde for Life from the Guild Leader down to the trial member to treat  this code equally as a guiding principle for behavior expectations in Horde for Life.

H – Honor: 
We demand our members be honorable and fair in their actions. Show integrity for yourself, the guild and our members. Nefarious and thus dishonorable activities such as ninja looting, harassment, vulgarity and dishonesty are not welcome in Horde for Life and will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

O – Opportunity: 
We believe that guilds should enhance, not limit a players opportunity to enjoy the game and the many various play styles that are available in any manner that they wish, provided it is done so in a stress and drama free environment and while not breaking our simple but zero tolerant guild rules.

R – Respect: 
As a guild that strives to accommodate many play styles and dedications, we believe strongly that respect for one another is of paramount importance to the cohesion of the guild and it’s community. To maintain this level of respect we ask that members do not cross boundaries that include but are limited to; off-color or uncomfortable topics like vulgarity and racism or controversial topics such as politics or religion. Many people know the word respect but do not always understand the true meaning, we expect all our members to understand this fully.

D – Dedication: 
Horde for Life members are expected to maintain certain activity levels within the guild and to advance our exposure and good name on the server and within the community. Every member can and should contribute even in the smallest of ways, including but certainly not limited to welcoming new members, being helpful in guild chat to answer a question, providing your trade skills to others in guild and participating in those guild events that fit your play style. These activities are crucial to our growth and sustainability.

E – Equality
While it is technically impossible to create a true and literal flat guild hierarchy, Horde for Life strives to provide a egalitarian and democratic structure where every member has a voice. Just like any organization from governments to charities, leadership must be maintained, but privileges, ranks and authority in Horde for Life are based, in their entirety, on merit, necessity and attitude as opposed to gear or level.


Guild Charter Synopsis – What To Know Before Joining

While many intricate details are contained in this guild charter that should be read, this section is designed for new players to get a quick reference of the most important rules to know about HFL before joining. HFL is a zero drama guild. While this should be obvious, we have listed many but certainly not all behaviors that are considered drama and will not be tolerated by any member of any rank.

Core Rules

Guild Chat Behavior – Guild Chat is for all intents and purposes considered a public channel and as such must be monitored for offensive behavior. While HFL strives to offer a freedom of play style for its members, we must enforce certain rules of etiquette in the /g channel. The best advice one can follow in terms of guild chat is to think of it the same way you might think of any other real life public forum. We all have our proclivities around close friends and in family settings, however most if not all of us tend to talk with more respect in other forums. For instance, what you think might be appropriate to say to a close friend or a family member you might not say at your doctor’s office, place of work, church or at school. Follow that principal and you should never have a problem.

* Religion – This is a game first and foremost and not a place to offer your personal views of such topics. HFL is about tolerance and acceptance of others and your faith or opinion of faith is yours and yours alone. No one EVER wins a religious debate and expressing your views here only serves to cause drama and offense.

* Politics – Very similar to religion, no good comes from these discussions and any member who outwardly begins to voice opinions on these matters will be treated as hostile and drama inducing. This includes discussion on any countries politics, political leaders, stance on war and political affiliation. Many of us have our passions and beliefs outside of the game, but please keep them to yourself.

* Racism – One of the very few things that will get you removed faster than politics would be any level, however mild it may seem to you, of racism. If this has to be explained, then stop reading now as you are not a good fit for our guild.

* Discrimination – No member of HFL should be discriminated against or made to feel uncomfortable. We are old and young, male and female and many of us come from all walks of life. However in-game we are brothers and sisters and respect should be accorded to one another.

* Vulgarity – HFL is a mature guild and as such we expect that some mild curse words may be used in chat. Our overriding view on cursing in chat is generally that if someone takes the time to type out a series of curse words, it is just a way for someone to say “hey look at me, I am mad” and frowned upon. That said, we do have some tolerance here provided one is not being overtly vulgar for vulgarities sake.

* Screaming (ALL CAPS) – This is just bad form. HFL is the largest guild on our server and one of the largest in the entire game. As such understand that at any time we have 50 to 100 people who are online. Typing in all caps is simply rude and an annoyance so we ask that you please refrain from this type of ranting.

* Spamming – Additionally, please refrain from posting multiple line text, especially information such as damage meters and complex ASCII art or congrats. This rule does not apply to officers who post lengthy macros with important and guild relevant information (meetings, raids, guild and podcast updates, et al.).

Additional Guild Rules

* No Begging – This includes begging for gold or runs and covers guild chat, trade chat or anytime in-game. Any HFL member begging reflects poorly on our guild and this action simply cannot be tolerated.

* Calendar Use –  Nothing is more aggravating than a guild member wanting to put together a last-minute 25 man raid and then getting upset because everyone in the guild is not dropping whatever it is they are doing and accommodating a request of one individual. The fact is that while are a community and strive to be helpful and friendly, it is also unreasonable to not respect that most everyone online is doing “something” and not just waiting around to assist others.

At the same time, for many members this is frustrating because you want to be helpful, but with no planning or scheduling, these events usually fail and have less than desirable participation. Making use of the in-game calendar feature is tantamount to the success of any event, from dungeons and quests to raids and world events.


Guild Overview

Horde for Life (HFL) is a “seriously” casual Horde Guild on the Wyrmrest Accord US-RP Realm of World of Warcraft. We strive for and will always be a community guild where maturity, equality, respect and friendship are valued above all else. Our members realize that most of us receive enough stress and drama in our normal lives that we look to our online in-game experiences to provide an insulation from those negative energies. Participating in the World of Warcraft and HFL guild membership should never be a job. To that end, Horde for Life provides a home for only those that check attitudes, demands and any form of drama at the door.

While HFL certainly strives to reach all end game milestones, we will never do so in any way that would demand forced participation of any kind (raid, PvP, RP, et al) or otherwise take away from the “gaming” nature of this virtual world. We only ask that our members remain active, friendly and supportive of all drama free play styles. Conversely the very nature of our focus and culture to accommodate a freedom of play style does not limit or label our guild to only casual non raiding or non PvP type play styles.

In fact, we have and will always support raid and PvP initiatives and even work towards end game progression. The key however is that each raid or PvP team is self-contained and shall be led by a member who echos the same level of commitment exhibited from his or her team and that these initiatives never involve drama, stress or any expectation that falls out of our guild focus.


Guild Policies

Horde for Life employs simple common sense rules that for most mature game players who are part of our target demographic, will be easy to understand and follow. These rules are in addition to abiding by our H.O.R.D.E code as detailed at the beginning of this charter.

1. Drama – No player/member is above the guild and we have a simple one warning system in place. If you cause drama you will be asked to stop one time, if it continues you will be demoted to a rank with no guild privileges pending a discussion with an officer. At that time you will either be re-instated or removed with all due haste. If you are not sure what drama is or if you are doing it, you are not someone who should be part of our guild anyway.

2. Guild Rating – HFL is a mature guild. This means that cursing and some behavior that is not intended for young players is to be expected (but never promoted). That said, we are NOT an “X” rated guild and extreme vulgarity or graphic language for the sack of just being vulgar will not be tolerated. Any violation of this policy will be treated the same as drama.

3. Participation – As stated HFL does not require any member to raid or PvP. If however you join a raid or PvP team, then we do expect you to attend those raids you have committed to in a reliable and prompt fashion. Violation of this policy will result in raid leader action that is commensurate with the degree of the violation and the individual raid leader and raid team expectations.

4. Representation – Since all HFL members represent our guild in whatever he or she is doing in-game, any and all actions that reflect negatively on our guild will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.


Guild Expectations

In addition to some very obvious policies there are a few expectations that should be covered as well. These are not so much rules as general direction or tips for a better guild experience, not just for you but for all our members.

1. Time Respect – Nothing is more aggravating than a guild member wanting to put together an impromptu, last-minute 25 man raid and then getting upset because everyone in the guild is not dropping whatever it is they are doing and accommodating a request of one individual. The fact is that while are a community and strive to be helpful and friendly, it is also unreasonable to not respect that most everyone online is doing “something” and not just waiting around to assist others. At the same time, for many members this is frustrating because you want to be helpful but with no planning or scheduling, these events usually fail and have less than desirable participation.

2. Calendar – As a continuation of the time respect expectation, making use of the in-game calendar feature is tantamount to the success of any event, from dungeons and quests to raids and world events. Use of the calendar is highly encouraged and borderline required. If you are unfamiliar with the interface, seek a Crusader or Officer who will be happy to assist you.

3. Ventrilo – The use of vent, a free communication tool (www.ventrilo.com) is not mandatory for guild entry but is required for raids, arena, rated battlegrounds and even some heroics (at the discretion of the organizer). Many people are intimidated by vent, but keep in mind that you are not required to speak or even have a mic (unless you are leading) and just being able to hear direction in an event or encounter is very important.

4. Activity Levels – HFL is routinely at the Blizzard mandated guild member cap of 1000 players and as such we are required to institute minimum activity levels of 2 weeks. This only means that the character must have been online at least once in a two week period (yes even logging on for a minute is acceptable). Any character that has been offline for 14 days or more is subject to removal. Special circumstances of course do exist, please see FAQ below for more detail.


The HFL Member Profile

We often are asked to outline our guild’s focus and the type of player who would make an ideal member in Horde for Life. Are we a raiding guild? PvP? Role Playing? Leveling? Hardcore? Casual? The truest answer is that we are a collection of dedicated players who immensely enjoy the game and the people who populate the server we call home. To label yourself into only one or two of the categories above is missing the point with Horde for Life. Some of our members can and do fit into all the above categories and that is perfectly acceptable.

The expectations of our members include:

1. Following of the H.O.R.D.E. code
2. You do not bring drama into our guild… ever
3. You follow our simple but zero tolerance rules (more on that below)
4. You understand that we allow and support all drama/stress free play styles
5. You are a mature and friendly individual

A note about maturity:

If forced to wear a label, Horde for Life would be categorized as a mature run guild. The majority of our members are over 30 and the bulk of our officer corps have kids now playing the game. It is important to note here that maturity refers only to the average age, attitude and mindset of our members and not the language or ESRB rating of our guild. Horde for Life clearly recognizes that age and maturity are at times, mutually exclusive of one another and as such, an immature acting 35-year-old is just as unwelcome in our guild as any stereotypical 12-year-old. Drama and Nerd-rage are the same, regardless of your birth date. While HFL has no intention of discriminating against younger players who follow our code and rules, and in fact have some supreme examples of exceptional younger players, the fact remains that our guild is probably best suited for those players who are in the adult age bracket.

In the end, we encourage our members to ask themselves… “Am I having fun first and can I do so within the confines of the rules and code of the guild without stress or drama?” If the answer is yes, then Horde for Life is the community for you. To best determine if you are a good for Horde for Life, take the H.O.R.D.E test at the bottom of this charter.


HFL Ranks

The following is a detailed description of the NEW (October 2018) ranks, rights and expectations within Horde for Life.

All Father – Armada The founder of HFL. There can be only one! The Armada the All Father is now retired (mostly) from active Duty but is still known to dominate old content for transmog purposes. He also still wields the ban hammer so be nice when inspecting his crusty gear! His current mains are Ares and Deadwood if you need an audience.

Aesir – Where a Vanir is empowered with rights and responsibilities on a tactical level, Aesir are the stewards of our guild and are tasked with a very strategic and critical leadership role. Aesir are the final word on nearly any guild member decisions and answer only to the All Father.

Aesir’s are hand picked by the All Father and serve at the pleasure of our Aesir council. It is very important to know that Aesir are appointed with the expectation of meeting and exceeding our guild values and must maintain that expectation to retain this rank.

Vanir – Despite the warring nature of Aesir and Vanir in Old Norse mythology, theses two Norse tribes function in a friendly symbiotic relationship in HFL. Generally considered a “Sub Officer” to Aesir, the Vanir still retain many of the same responsibilities and rights but in addition are “go to” members for tactical leadership such as invites, watching guild chat to maintain a PG environment and answering questions as they are able.

Like Aesir’s, Vanir’s are empowered to remove individuals from guild as well as member promotions. As a community guild and not a dictatorship both Aesir’s and Vanir’s possess a strong voice in the navigation and growth of our guild, including new policy creation and revision.

Einherjar – The einherjar (pronounced “ane-HAIR-yar,” translated from Old Norse as literally “those who fight alone” are the band of the spirits of deceased elite warriors who dwell in Valhalla, the magnificent hall of the god Odin. Noble Viking warriors aspired to become one of the einherjar after they died.

The Einherjar are the highest ranking non officer this rank is awarded to a member in good standing that is of max level for current expansion (i.e. BfA = 120). Any member with this rank that has not been active for 30 days may be demoted at leadership’s descretion. While not a requirement, most Einherjar’s will be regular max level content raiders and/or active max level members who take pleasure in leading groups and in game guild activities.

Jarl – A Jarl is a of elite nobility and are champions of HFL and our guild code. This rank is reserved for members who demonstrate dedication and selfless attributes and have been with HFL as an active member for at least one year. However tenure alone does not warrant this promotion and rank. While tenure is a component, more importantly your attitude and approach to the game and the guild as a whole will set you apart as a Jarl of Horde for Life.

Thane – A Military Nobleman/Noblewoman – Our primary member rank with guild rights and privileges. Thane ranked members will make up the bulk of our guild membership and should be considered a “member in good standing”. While there are higher ranks based on tenure and leadership positions, a Thane is a respected rank that shows their commitment and adherence to the guild standards and is suitable for most players not interested in a leadership or end game raid position. There are no level requirements in achieving status as an HFL Thane.

Skald – Court poets and artists from the Old Norse literature, Skalds are trial members who need to impress us with their “performance” to be promoted within our ranks. Skald trials will last – in most – cases two weeks. This can be expedited or extended as HFL Aesirs and Vanirs determine. Members who have been inactive for 1 year or longer will also be demoted to the Skald rank until such time as they return. This is not punative, we respect breaks and any returning players will retain their former non-officer ranks once they are again active in the game.

A Note About Activity – HFL as a general rule does not remove members because of inactivity – HOWEVER – until and if Blizzard raises the guild member cap above 1000, members will likely be removed at the cap as new members come aboard. These occassional guild purges will of course target those that have been inactive the longest.

What is Casual?

Guilds such as HFL are often labeled as casual because we do not support and in fact avoid at all costs, the militant and stressful nature of progression raid guilds and their accompanying obligations. While those individuals and guilds who chase world firsts and are fueled by the color purple are certainly hardcore, we would argue that our focus while accommodating to the casual player, is in fact not always casual.


Horde for Life will raid all content
Horde for Life will support serious raid teams
Horde for Life will support arena teams
Horde for Life will create rated and pre-made BG teams
Horde for Life has dedicated players who match the most hardcore in terms of “hours online”

The difference is that the Horde for Life member understands fully that it is a game first and foremost. The Horde for Life member will not introduce stress or drama over a game. And finally the Horde for Life member is not selfish and embraces a community focus and healthy respect for his or her guild brethren.

Role Playing

Horde For Life while not a defacto RP guild, respects and supports all drama free RP elements and will in fact create RP related events and provide RP leadership. The lore of Warcraft is amazing and we believe adds to the in-game experience.


Horde for Life will raid any and all content in the game from Classic to Warlords and beyond. However we will do so at various levels depending upon the raid team composition and we will never become or support militant raid progression teams. Our goal is to provide a raid home for the casual to serious player. However we do require that even our serious teams understand that this is a game and we will never threaten a player with a “raid or die” mentality. Raiding in HFL will always be done on a friendly and amicable basis, and those that raid do not have any preferential status over those that concentrate on other in-game pursuits.

It is very important to note that HFL will rely heavily on individual raid teams as opposed to a single guild raid team. We will encourage and support our members to create or join existing raid teams and support their endeavors with site updates, recruiting, vent access and repair gold. Raiders and Raid Leaders will be designated as such within our guild and will be expected to treat every member in the raid group as well as the guild with respect and to conduct yourself in a civil manner.

While raiding in Horde for Life is strictly voluntary and not a prerequisite to join our ranks, we do expect those who choose to raid to be prompt and reliable. The key here is and always will be that we will not support, tolerate or allow any team, raid or member that becomes militaristic, drama fueled or stressful. In the end, respect, enjoyment and community must be the undercurrent of everything we do.


Player vs. Player

HFL is not a primary PvP guild. Most members of HFL will PvP in small, impromptu groups. However, some members will form arena teams and organized battleground groups. Occasionally, as a guild, we coordinate World PvP events as well as PvP Initiation events in order to jump-start PvP among those who may have not experienced it yet. Like all other play styles within our guild, PvP is voluntary and never forced.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do I have to raid?
No member is required to raid or participate in any event that they do not want to. We are a casual guild first and foremost. However if you commit to an event, we do expect you to arrive on time and participate.

2. When do you raid?
Raid teams in HFL will be self-contained teams that will run on a schedule decided upon by the raid team and the raid leader. HFL will schedule official raids on the calendar but they are all done in a one time approach and should not be considered a recurring event.

3. How do I get promoted?
While there are about 5 paragraphs that could be outlined here, the simplest answer is to lead by example. Players and behaviors are noticed and noted. As a general rule, if you have to ask for a promotion, then you probably do not deserve one. The one notable exception to this would be the lifting of the trial status to that of a core member. If you have been in the guild for longer than 2 weeks and are still in trial status, feel free to contact an Aesir or Vanir.

4. You say you are helpful but you discourage asking for low level runs, what gives?
The game of Warcraft is an incredibly easy game in which to level. There are very select few facets of the game that would actually require the help of a max level character. That said, players often request a max level take a low level character through a dungeon or raid for experience and gear. The problem with this is we have something approaching 1000 members and to ask someone to “run you” is not respectful of their time. You are welcome to use the calendar to organize an event or a dungeon run with level appropriate players but asking for runs if prohibited and labeled as begging.

5. How do I get more bank access?
Bank and gold access is rank dependent. If there is something you need in the bank and you do not have access to it, simply ask an officer to assist. In most cases it is not a problem to get you the item you need. Please note that taking valuables from the bank and listing them on the Auction House is grounds for removal. The obvious exception to this rule are officers who routinely remove items, vendor and sell for space, depositing the gold into the bank.

6. Can I get a loan?
Every so often, a member will see gold in the bank and approach an officer about a loan. At the risk of sounding too harsh, it must be said that any player who would even ask this question is probably not someone we want in guild. This is said because if you do not understand the precedent that would be set by letting one person in a guild of a thousand borrow gold, then there is little we can do to explain it. The gold is a community asset to be shared by the members on a rank and tenure proportional level and is not there to buy your “epic flying” or “mechano-hog”

7. Then what is all that gold for?
The gold exists to allow for member repairs, raid night repairs and purchasing of guild perks in addition to any new and unannounced needs in the future. Keep in mind that with a guild of 1000 members that sees something north of 200 players on in a given day, the repair gold alone amounts to hundreds per day.

8. How do I get noticed in such a large guild?
Large guilds sometimes get an unfair label as impersonal or “too large”. While HFL is certainly not the small or intimate guild of 10 that some are used to, our experience has been that the community and family atmosphere is just as strong in HFL as any guild and at times even more so. HFL strives to be very community oriented and takes note of individuals who make their quality presence felt. From simple and consistent player achievement “grats” to answering questions and just generally being friendly in guild chat, your actions are noticed. Officers monitor every day the contributions and removals from the bank, calendar and vent usage and general leadership qualities that some exhibit. It should be noted that HFL is almost always looking for quality leaders so if that is your goal and focus, opportunities abound.

9. You say HFL has zero drama tolerance, does that mean you do not give warnings?
Like all things in life, violations have varying degrees of seriousness. Zero Drama Tolerance does not mean that we instantly remove upon any infraction and warnings can be given for mistakes and violations. That said, there are certainly a number of violations that will result in instant removal. It should also be noted that if you are removed from HFL, you will not be welcomed back at a later date. Removal in all but the most conditional of circumstances is permanent.

10. What if I leave the guild, can I never return?
Unlike being removed, players leave guilds for a number of altruistic, noble and differing reasons many of which do not in any way taint your future prospects within HFL. Those players who take the time to let the guild and an officer know the reasons for leaving are welcome back if scenarios change. We understand that HFL, like any guild, cannot be and should not try to be all things to all players. For instance we will never become a hardcore progression raid guild, but a member in good standing might find that as they level they want to try that play style. We welcome that change and encourage players to find the part of the game that is most enjoyable to them and follow it.

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