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Horde for Life 144: Legion – The Beginning of the End?

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Episode 144

Legion – The Beginning of the End?

We open the show with some Memorial Day and Tika’s upcoming Hawaii honeymoon discussion and some brief banter on Doom and Overwatch. However the core of this weeks episode surrounds the dramatic and game changing events that occur in the opening act of the Legion expansion.

The land of Azeroth will never be the same!

While we do our best to isolate the spoilers, if you DO NOT want to know this information (all of which you will discover in the opening hour of the expansion) then please avoid the discussions from the 39m30s mark until the 50m45s mark of the podcast.
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Horde for Life 64 – More Lore!

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Episode 64 – “More Lore”

We are happy to welcome friend of the show Ron Loupe on this lore heavy episode. We highlight a Blue Sky lore mechanic that we believe will introduce lore to a whole new corps of players while giving lore veterans an ear to ear grin.

When not talking lore we discuss some Blizzard developer comments surrounding PvP, mounted combat and player housing!

All this plus a new Food for the Gods, your feedback and the Transmog spotlight offers a treat for Warlocks!

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